Heath's Excavations is a Cairns-based family owned and operated company with over twenty-five years of experience. Trading commenced in 1993 as Heath's Backhoe Hire. Operations began with just one backhoe, but over the years, our fleet has grown to include backhoes, excavators, skid steers, tip trucks, float trucks and hydro-vacuum excavation trucks. With this increase in machinery came a name change, hence the transition into Heath's Excavations.  


Our business originated in the Northern Beaches of Cairns but now operates within a much broader area, from the Torres Straits in the North to Cardwell in the South as well as the Hinterland areas in between. 


The operators who make up our expert team are knowledgable in all facets of excavation, including the preparation of house pads, trenching, both plumbing and electrical, footings and all civil works. Landscaping is also a specialty of ours, aiding in projects such as the removal of trees, shaping and construction of garden beds, implementation of rock retaining walls and installation of irrigation. Heath's Excavations are trusted by the Cairns Regional Council, being heavily involved with the maintenance and construction of their essential services. 

We not only offer competitive hourly rates but discounted daily, weekly or monthly rates as well. 

Our staff consists of several family members and long-term employees who feel like part of the family. We pride ourselves on our exemplary safety record and work stringently to our strict WPHS guidelines. 

Heath's Excavations is continually growing and improving. We are so proud to be able to provide a service to Cairns and surrounds that will meet all your requirements and more. 

Our team





Heath has worked within the Cairns earth-moving industry for several decades, which has awarded him a lifetime of hands-on knowledge and local experience. He prides himself on a professional and reliable technique in conducting business. Having been part of so many developments throughout the Cairns area, Heath has loved watching his community grow into what it is today. All of his experience and knowledge sets Heath's Excavations apart from our competitors.