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Heath's Excavations offers a range of 4WD backhoes from respected manufacturers such as JCB and CASE. Each backhoe is inclusive of power tilt and a 4-in-1 bucket feature. Apart from use on worksites, our backhoes are an excellent tool for a range of landscaping projects such as rock wall construction, palm transplantation and the creation of garden beds.  

Attachments include rippers, pallet forks, compaction wheels, post hole augers, rock breakers, bitumen cutters and hydraulic grabs.


The excavators acquired by Heath's Excavations are from reputable manufacturers renowned worldwide for their reliability, durability and outstanding performance. Our machines are inclusive of power tilt and tonnage ranges from 4.5 to 13.

Attachments include rippers, pallet forks, compaction wheels, post hole augers, rock breakers and hydraulic grabs.


vacuum truck

Heath's Excavations offers an extensive range of vacuum trucks to suit all your hydro-excavation requirements. Vacuum trucks have been the most recent addition to our fleet due to their must less invasive nature. These trucks use high-pressure water and air to dislodge the earth and then it is picked up using the vacuum pump. We are finding that they are fast becoming the preferred method for safer excavation and the protection of any hidden underground services. Our fleet offers small and large vacuum trucks ranging from 4.5 to 12.0 litres.


The skid steers on offer through Heath's Excavations are known for their excellent power performance and productivity even in the harshest of conditions. Each of our machines is equipped with rubber tracks and can be fitted with a range of attachments. 

Attachments include spreader bars, pallet forks, sweepers and tilting front buckets.

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Heath's Excavations offers both tip and flatbed trucks. Whether it be material or machinery, we can meet all your transportation requirements.


If it is a combination of machines you require Heath's Excavations has it covered. We offer a range of discounted combination prices with the excavator/skid steer being the most popular.